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Tom joined the MRC Toxicology Unit Bioinformatics Facility in 2022, following post-doctoral positions in the Computational Genomics Analysis and Training group, Oxford, the Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge and MRC Toxicology Unit. Prior to this, he obtained a Biochemistry (Hons) degree from the University of Manchester and a PhD studying Transgenerational Stress Memories and DNA methylation in Arabidopsis Thaliana in York.


Research interests:

Tom is interested in the intra-cellular processes that govern how our genes generate the complexity we see inside our cells. In particular, he is interested in how RNA subcellular localisation is controlled by interacting proteins and what aspects of the RNA decide its fate. On a technical level, Tom is interested in improving the accuracy and utility of high-throughout quantitative methods through open-source software development.



Key publications: 

Villanueva E, Smith T, Pizzinga M, Elzek M, Queiroz RML, Harvey RF, Breckels LM, Crook OM, Monti M, Dezi V, Willis AE and Lilley KS. A system-wide quantitative map of RNA and protein subcellular localisation dynamics. bioRxiv, (2022).

Queiroz RML, Smith T, Villanueva E, Mari-Solano M, Monti M, Pizzinga M, Mirea D, Ramakrishna M, Harvey RF, Dezi V, Thomas GH, Willis AE and Lilley KS. Comprehensive identification of RNA–protein interactions in any organism using orthogonal organic phase separation (OOPS). Nature Biotechnology, 37, 169–178. (2019)

Smith T, Heger A and Sudbery I. UMI-tools: modeling sequencing errors in Unique Molecular Identifiers to improve quantification accuracy. Genome Res. 27(3):491-499. (2017)


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