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The core facility has multiple imaging and analysis platforms to enable researchers to extract large volumes of quantitative data from their assays


Hamamatsu Nanozoomer

The Hamamatsu Nanozoomer is a high-throughput slide scanner for both brightfield and fluorescent imaging; the Nanozoomer produces high quality images for large batches of slides in a short space of time. A typical brightfield scan takes just 2-6 minutes.


Perkin Elmer Vectra

The Perkin Elmer Vectra is a multiplex imaging platform capable of unmixing fluorescent wavelengths to allow quantitative multiplex image analysis. The Vectra allows for specific targets to be “switched on and off”, enabling users to view each target individually and converts images into brightfield “pathology views” for easy comparison to traditional DAB Assays. The ability to build an assay specific spectral library also allows users to train the auto-fluorescence wavelength, subtracting any unwanted background from images for analysis. The images below are all from the same section viewed in different un-mixed channels.

Spectrally un-mixed multiplex, all channels

Channel 1


Channel 2

Channel 3

Channel 4