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We offer a variety of in-situ assays in the core facility ranging from simple single chromogenic immunohistochemical assays to complex multiplex assays. We have two automated staining platforms, the Dako link 48 for standard single plex assays and the Ventana discovery ultra for complex in-situ assays. We also offer an antigen retrieval service using the Dako PT link.

The core facility has the ability to automate RNAscope in-situ assays facilitating the detection of target RNA at a single cell level. We offer single chromogenic RNAscope assays, Duplex RNA/IHC assays and multiplex fluorescent RNA/IHC. The combination of IHC and RNAscope allows researchers to visualise RNA and protein expression simultaneously on the same tissue sample. Each spot seen in an RNAscope assay represents a single target RNA molecule.