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Automated image analysis standardises quantitative tissue data using reproducible methods that give consistent results.



Visiopharm is an image analysis suite which allows users to tailor make algorithms for assay specific image analysis questions. We have ready to use apps or can help you build your own.
Visiopharm can be used to analyse brightfield or fluorescent images for single or multiplex assays. Consecutive sections can also be aligned to create a virtual multiplexed slide where aligned slides are analysed as a single section.





Perkin Elmer Inform used to analyse multiplexed images captured on Vectra. Inform enables tissue segmentation, cell segmentation, phenotyping and scoring on spectrally un-mixed images to produce high quality data from multiplex assays.




Phillips Xplore is our cloud based manual image scoring platform, allowing us to easily share images with colleagues and collaborators. Using Xplore we can create studies and databases of manual image scores and add our own scoring criteria.