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  • 09Jun

    Dr Walid Khaled - Group Leader, Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge

    Seminar title:  Is cancer prevention possible? - Lessons from model organisms

  • 02Jun

    Dr Francis O'Reilly - Postdoctoral fellow, Technical University of Berlin

    Seminar title:  Discovering the topology of protein complexes in situ using structural proteomics

  • 26May

    Dr Julia Fentem - Head of SEAC & Colworth Site Leader, Unilever

    Seminar title:  How research & innovation in toxicology has transformed our approach to assessing the safety of consumer products - some successes & future challenges

  • 05May

    The Unit is organizing a half-day symposium to address emerging challenges and future perspectives regarding the safety of RNA therapeutics.


    Registration is required but is free.

    Please email

  • 28Apr

    Dr Catherine Wilison - Group Leader, Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge

    Seminar title:  Developing a transient, cell-free mRNA cardiac regenerative therapeutic 

  • 14Apr

    Dr Luke Berchowitz - Assistant Professor of Genetics & Development, Columbia University

    Seminar title:  The secret lives of meiotic RNA binding proteins

  • 10Mar

    Dr Andreas Bender - Reader for Molecular Informatics, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

    Associate Director Computational ADME and Safety (Clinical Pharmacology & Safety Sciences/Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - CPSS/DSAI) at AstraZeneca Cambridge

  • 03Mar

    Dr Maria Ermolaeva - Group Leader, Leibniz Institute on Aging

    Seminar title:  Age and sex specific longevity effects of mitochondrial inhibitors

  • 24Feb

    Dr Hansong Ma - Wellcome Sir Henry Dale Fellow, The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge


  • 17Feb

    Dr Jens Madsen - Associate Professor of Immunology PhD, 

    EGA Institute for Women's Health | Faculty of Population Health Sciences | University College London

    Seminar title: Nanoparticles and the Lungs: The Good, the Bad or the Ugly?