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  • 21Sep

    Center for Human Toxicology, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Utah

    Transient receptor potential ion channels in air pollutant -induced airway epithelial cell-associated inflammation and acute cytotoxicity


  • 20Jul

    Answering Toxicological Questions with NanoString Spatial Biology Solutions: Spatial Biology Solutions from NanoString “Map the Universe of Biology”


  • 13Jul

    'AlphaFold DB: Providing high-accuracy protein structure models for an unprecedented fraction of the sequence space'

  • 04Jul
  • 29Jun

    Dr Graham Ladds - Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge

    Seminar title - to be confirmed

  • 15Jun

    Dr Nicole Kleinstreuer - Acting Director of NICEATM

    Seminar title - to be confirmed

  • 23Mar

    Dr Alessandro Vannini - Human Technopole

    Seminar title - to be confirmed

  • 16Mar

    Dr Mathew Coleman - Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, University of Birmingham

    Seminar title - to be confirmed

  • 09Mar

    Dr Emma Rawlings - Gurdon Institute Senior Group Leader, MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellow, Member of the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience

    Seminar title - to be confirmed

  • 19Jan

    Professor Frank Kelly - Imperial College London

    Masterclass title - to be confirmed