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  • 22Nov

    Harvard University

    Title tbc

  • 08Nov

    University of Swansea

    Title tbc

  • 01Nov

    ICR London

    Targeting the tumour microenvironment

  • 11Oct

    Technical University Dresden, Germany

    Phase separation as a stress survival strategy: stress protection by translation factor condensates

  • 04Oct

    Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applied to Life Science Data - Principles, Applications to Safety, and Pitfalls

  • 10Jul

    The MRC Integrative Toxicology Training Partnership (ITTP) is a national PhD training programme for capacity building in Toxicology and related disciplines.

  • 08Jul

    Come and meet our researchers to learn more about the research they are doing to make our medicines and environment safer.

  • 06Jul

    Baylor College of Medicine (Texas)

    Beyond the Nucleus: Membrane Steroid Receptors and the Impact of Endocrine Disruptors

  • 03Jul

    Translation is an essential highly conserved process which is required for the synthesis of proteins in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. This unique annual UK scientific meeting enables discussion of the latest progress in this field and opportunities for fostering collaborations between researchers.

  • 21Jun

    Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge

    Title tbc