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Negative staining for purified protein complexes.


  1. Glow-discharge the carbon membrane/ copper grid by the Quorum GloQube
  2. Cross-link the purified protein-complexes with glutaraldehyde (as required)
  3. Quench with Tris buffer (as required)
  4. Exchange the buffer with the spin column (as required)
  5. Put the complex (0.1-1.0 µg/µl x 5 µl) on the carbon membrane/ copper grid
  6. Interact in fridge overnight (as required)
  7. Handle with anti-capillary crossover tweezers
  8. Stain the grid with uranyl acetate (or UA-Non alternative) for 60 sec
  9. Blot with tiny pieces of filter papers
  10. Natural dry on the filter paper
  11. TEM imaging
  12. 2D classification (as required)


Group Members

Jaime Llodra Gonzalez

EM Research Specialist


Maria Guerra Martin

Senior Research Officer


Nobuhiro Morone

Senior Investigator Scientist

Facility Head