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Negative staining for purified protein complexes.


  1. Glow-discharge the carbon membrane/ copper grid by the Quorum GloQube
  2. Cross-link the purified protein-complexes with glutaraldehyde (as required)
  3. Quench with Tris buffer (as required)
  4. Exchange the buffer with the spin column (as required)
  5. Put the complex (0.1-1.0 µg/µl x 5 µl) on the carbon membrane/ copper grid
  6. Interact in fridge overnight (as required)
  7. Handle with anti-capillary crossover tweezers
  8. Stain the grid with uranyl acetate (or UA-Non alternative) for 60 sec
  9. Blot with tiny pieces of filter papers
  10. Natural dry on the filter paper
  11. TEM imaging
  12. 2D classification (as required)