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The EM & ultrastructural pathology group provides three-dimensional EM analysis for the MRC Toxicology Unit programs and the external collaborative projects. Our “Nano-toxicology” is able to study a whole range of tissues and cells from the signalling receptor-complexes to the mouse brain involved in the response to toxins. Correlational changes between structure and function can be examined in nanoscale by using Cryo-TEM, SBF-SEM, and CLEM techniques for an in-depth visualisation of areas affected by toxins or drugs for mesothelioma in immune-oncology and neurogenerative diseases as well. We moved to Cambridge Old Addenbrooke's Site in November 2020. Thanks to the University and the SDC Builders, the brand-new EM suite has been developed with bright sunshine through the trees.


The designed EM techniques at MRC-TU:

  1. Array tomography (Imaging ordered arrays of ultrathin resin-embedded serial sections) for intracellular organelles
  2. Correlation Light and transmission or scanning Electron Microscopy (CLEM)
  3. Cryo-Electron Microscopy of Vitreous Sections (CEMOVIS)
  4. Deep-etch, or freeze-fracture EM for plasma membrane (membrane skeletons, clathrin-coats, caveolae), other membrane compartments, and cytoskeletal organizations [under construction]
  5. High-pressure freezing and freeze-substitution
  6. Image processing with machine learning modules
  7. Immune-gold labelling for protein subcellular localization
  8. Negative staining for pre-screening the sample quality on single particle analysis
  9. Serial-Block Face (SBF)-SEM for large-volume tissue and cellular architectures
  10. Single Particle Analysis (SPA) for purified protein-complexes
  11. TEM tomography for intracellular organelles


*Request for Research Collaboration: Please contact the facility head, Dr Nobu Morone in advance.


EM Imaging Suite (Gleeson Building, E025-00-0105 to 0110)

FEI Quanta 250FEG SEM
Gatan 3View System - OnPoint BSE Detector
Quorum GloQube Glow Discharge System
Quorum K950X Turbo Evaporator
Leica EM Artos 3D
Leica EM TRIM2
Leica EM TP
Leica VT1200S Automated Vibrating Microtome
Leica KMR3
Leica DM500 - ICC50
Cryo-EM server for Relion and CryoSparc

Cryo-EM Suite (Pharmacology Building, E030-01-0107 to 0110)

FEI Talos F200C - Falcon
FEI Vitrobot
Gatan Cryo-Transfer Holder 626, 914
Gatan Turbo Pumping Station
Fischione Model 2020 Advanced Tomography Holder
Leica EM HPM100
Leica EM AFS2
Leica EM FSP
Leica EM UC7 - FC7 - CRION
Leica Double Micromanipulator for Cryo-Ultramicrotomy
JEOL JFDIIFM on cryo-stage (in preparation)


Imaging Tech - PI Office (Gleeson Building, E025-00-0103/0104)

Workstation for Inspect3D, Amira, Argos and ilastik


Selected Publications