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The Advanced Light Imaging facility has a wide range of instruments and technologies to facilitate the Toxicology Unit’s Research. Comprehensive training and on-going support on all instruments and technologies within the facility is provided by Dr. Lucia Piñon P. Giraldez. There are also software packages for the processing and analysis of light-captured images. The facility is equipped with top of the range instruments including, 3 laser scanning confocal microscopes, a spinning disk confocal, two live imaging systems, a high content imaging system and a number of widefield microscopes.


Drosophila gastrointestinal tract


Instruments available and their location


Confocal Zeiss LSM 980 multiphoton inverted with AiryScan2 (Room 01-0111)


Confocal Zeiss LSM 880 inverted with Airyscan (Room 02—0120)


3i Spinning Disk confocal inverted microscope (with UV Ablate laser) (Room 03-0117)


Zeiss Axio Observer 7 with high-speed calcium imaging (Room 03-0117)


Laser microdissection Zeiss PALM Microbeam Microscope (Room 01-0111)


Confocal Zeiss LSM 510 with multiphoton (Room 03-0120)


Image analysis workstations with leading software packages

Zen Blue and Intellesis (Room 03-0113)

Imaris (Room 03-0113)

FlowJo in two analysis computers (Room 03-0113)

FCS Express (Room 02-0118)


Live Imaging

 IncuCyte (Sartorious) (Room 01- 0123)

xCELLigence (Room -1-0122)



HepG2 cells (Mitochondria ATP5B)