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Tissue Selection

  - Fixed tissue samples are selected and trimmed/dissected if needed and placed into printed cassettes for tissue processing.
  - Cell pellets are prepared for FFPE processing.
  - Bones are decalcified with a mild formic acid solution to remove calcium and improve section quality

Tissue Processing

  - The process of removing water from tissue samples and infiltrating them with a rigid substance is essential for high quality tissue sections.
  - Using our Leica ASP6025 Automated Vacuum Tissue Processor, tissue cassettes are processed through graded alcohols to remove water, cleared with toluene then infiltrated with molten paraffin wax.


 - Processed tissues are oriented in moulds filled with paraffin wax to create an FFPE tissue block.


 - Sections are prepared by highly skilled staff using automatic rotary microtomes.
 - Thin tissue sections are mounted on glass slides for further investigation.

Haematoxylin and Eosin Staining

 - H&E is the most commonly used histological stain, haematoxylin stains the nuclei blue and eosin stains cytoplasm and connective tissue red/pink demonstrating good intra cellular detail for a huge range of cell types and structures.
 - Using our Leica ST5020 multistainer and automated coverslipper slides are dewaxed, stained and mounted with a glass coverslip for microscopic evaluation.