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The Bioinformatics group provides comprehensive and integrated informatics and computational analysis for the Unit Programmes and external collaborative projects.

Advanced informatics analysis is carried out on large data sets generated for the Unit’s programmes. Analysis of Next Generating Sequence and microarray data is carried out using commercial, open-source, and in-house developed software. The group members research and develop novel bioinformatic tools, algorithms, statistical data mining tools and software to fully support the Unit's systems approach to understanding mechanisms of Toxicity.  Major areas covered include:

1. Statistical data mining of biological and chemical databases.

2. Statistical analysis and validation of in vitro data with clinical datasets.

3. Statistical analysis to identify genomic biomarkers for drug sensitivity and resistance.

4. Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) datasets, in particular for Ribosome Profiling and RNA-seq techniques.

5. Differential gene expression, and translational efficiency calculations, from NGS and array data.

6. Functional enrichment analyses of gene lists, including pathway analysis, and definition of UTR motifs.

7. Protein structural biology analysis, in particular the structural and functional analysis of intrinsically disordered proteins

8. Mathematical modelling of the dynamics of microbial communities