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Emily graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Molecular and Cellular Biology with Professional Placement from the University of Bath in 2019.  During her placement year, she worked for Janssen Pharmaceuticals in Belgium, investigating novel biomarkers to be used in the development of new drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Emily joined the MRC Toxicology Unit in 2020 and is a Research Assistant in the MacFarlane lab. Additionally, Emily is completing an MPhil degree part-time in the Unit.

Research Interests:

Pleural Mesothelioma is an aggressive and incurable cancer of the pleural lining of the lung, known to be strongly associated with exposure to asbestos. It is a cancer with a very long latency period of up to ~40 years between exposure and the development and diagnosis of end-stage disease. I work as part of the PREDICT-Meso network, a Cancer Research UK funded project, generating and characterising novel cell lines from patient pleural effusions. These cell lines will accurately recapitulate human disease settings at all stages of disease progression, with the aim of identifying the key molecular changes that drive the very prolonged process of tumour development and be used to perform candidate drug screening.





Key publications: 

Lagunas, K.M., Savcigil, D.P., Zrilic, M., Fraile, C.C., Craxton, A., Self, E., Uranga-Murillo, I., de Miguel, D., Arias, M., Willenborg, S., Piekarek, M., Albert, M.C., Nugraha, K., Lisewski, I., Janakova, E., Igual, N., Tonnus, W., Hildebrandt, X., Ibrahim, M., Ballegeer, M., Saelens, X., Kueh, A., Meier, P., Linkermann, A., Pardo, J., Eming, S., Walczak, H., MacFarlane, M., Peltzer, N., and Annibaldi, A., 2023. Cleavage of cFLIP restrains cell death during viral infection and tissue injury and favors tissue repair. Science Advances, 9(30), p.11.

Chernova, T., Grosso, S., Sun, X.M., Tenor, A.R., Cabeza, J.Z., Craxton, A., Self, E.L., Nakas, A., Cain, K., MacFarlane, M., and Willis, A.E., 2022. Extracellular Vesicles Isolated from Malignant Mesothelioma Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Induce Pro-Oncogenic Changes in Healthy Mesothelial Cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23(20).

Research Assistant

Contact Details

MRC Toxicology Unit
Gleeson Building
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