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Mitochondrial damage: the missing piece in understanding the side-effects from antipsychotics?

6 September 2023

Researchers from the MRC Toxicology Unit, in collaboration with the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge, have uncovered why individuals who are prescribed some antipsychotic drugs can develop movement disorders. How these side-effects might develop was not clear – until now - and it is all linked to damage to the...

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Tiago Marques Pedro selected for international toxicology conference

23 August 2023

tiago.jpg Tiago Marques Pedro, a PhD student in the MacFarlane lab, has been selected to present his research at the Gordon Research Conference on Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity. "Alongside the amazing speakers, innovative science and hiking excursions, I was chosen to give a short talk based on my poster...

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Tracing toxic ‘tyre dust’ pollution in the air to assess human exposure

20 July 2023

When you think of traffic pollution, what comes to mind? Exhaust fumes? What about miniscule pieces of tyre rubber floating around in the atmosphere? Tyre wear particles make up a significant portion of air pollution in UK cities and is only projected to increase over the next decade. In fact, it is estimated that about 1...

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Prize successes for Unit researchers at the BTS Congress

20 April 2023

Researchers from the MRC Toxicology Unit had a successful time at the BTS Annual Congress this week in Birmingham sharing their fascinating research. Congratulations to our prize winners: David O’Louglin who won the Best BTS Annual Congress Oral Presentation. Tiago Marques Pedro who won the Best UKAAT Poster Presentation...

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Supporting postdocs transition to independent research leaders

19 October 2022

As part of our focus on driving a culture of positive research leadership, the Unit has awarded two fellowships to postdocs at the Unit. The Transition to Independence (TTI) Fellowships will support senior postdoctoral researchers to forge their own independent group in an area of toxicology-relevant biomedical research...

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Niall holding his BTS prize certificate

Niall Buckley Wins The Oxford University Press Prize for Oral Communication at the BTS Congress 2022

6 April 2022

Scientists from the MRC Toxicology Unit had a successful time at the BTS annual congress in Newcastle sharing their exciting research. Kiran Patil stimulated some interesting discussion with his talk on ‘What Drugs do to our Bugs’ and Alex Fulton’s poster on ‘Exploring the Safety of Antisense Oligonucleotides’ was well...

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Cryo-EM structural analysis reveals Caspase-8 catalytic domain architecture for co-ordinated control of cell fate

17 February 2021

Marion MacFarlane, MRC Investigator and Deputy Director at the MRC Toxicology Unit is the senior author of a new study published in Nature Communications which reveals how ‘Cryo-EM structural analysis of FADD:Caspase-8 complexes defines the catalytic dimer architecture for co-ordinated control of cell fate’. “The core FADD...

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