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As part of our focus on driving a culture of positive research leadership, the Unit has awarded two fellowships to postdocs at the Unit.

The Transition to Independence (TTI) Fellowships will support senior postdoctoral researchers to forge their own independent group in an area of toxicology-relevant biomedical research. This unique opportunity provides the postdocs with funding and mentorship to conduct independent research while embedded within a host lab at the Unit.

We are delighted to announce that our new TTI Fellows are Dr Amrita Mukherjee and Dr Liza Emirali.

Liza’s research aims to compare the immune responses in healthy individuals and cystic fibrosis patients after exposure to traffic particles. Individuals with cystic fibrosis are particularly vulnerable to this type of air pollution which often manifests as life-threatening bacterial infections.

Amrita’s research will focus on the adverse outcome pathways of drug-mediated toxicity in kidneys, with a particular focus on mitochondrial function. Using 2D and 3D cultured renal systems, in vivo models and bioinformatics, she will investigate the molecular basis of drug induced kidney injury and cellular damage repair.

Congratulations to our new TTI Fellows!