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Student successes for the Martins group

14 September 2022

Congratulations to Yizhou Yu, a PhD student in the Martins lab. Yizhou studies the pathways that cause Alzheimer’s disease so that we can find more affordable treatments. He presented his work so far at the Neurobiology of Brain Disorders Conference in Spain to leaders in the field. Amongst receiving great feedback and...

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From friends to foes: why you never judge a bug by its cover

9 September 2022

As someone who hovers between being a millennial and gen-Zer, I often wonder how great thinkers of the past would view the extensive ways in which social media are intertwined with our everyday lives. Plato, for instance, might have thought that these virtual alternatives to real-life interactions are mere shadows of...

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Kiran Patil comments on 'synthetic microbiome' research in the New York Times

7 September 2022

The New York Times report on a synthetic human microbiome that has been created for the first time combining 119 species of bacteria naturally found in the human body. Dr Kiran Patil provided his expert comment on the work. Kiran commented: “It is remarkable how a hundred-plus human gut strains form a stable and resilient...

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Artistic representation of inside of cell with different organelles

Cells build local supply chain of metabolites required for gene expression regulation

31 August 2022

Research from the Patil group published in Science Advances reveals that parts of the TCA cycle, originally thought to only happen in the mitochondria, are happening in the nucleus, closer to the DNA and ready to be dispatched when critical processes of the cell increase their demand, without barriers.

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Toxicology Unit at the Great Exhibition Road Festival

21 July 2022

The Great Exhibition Road Festival is a free annual celebration of science and the arts in South Kensington. The Festival is a collaboration between cultural and research institutions based in and around Exhibition Road in South Kensington, including Imperial College London, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum...

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ITTP Summer School 2022 attendees

ITTP Summer School returns at the MRC Toxicology Unit

14 July 2022

After a few years in the virtual format, the ITTP Summer School was once again held in-person at the the Unit’s new location in Cambridge from 4th- 7th July. Each year, four studentships are awarded as part of the MRC Integrative Toxicology Training Partnership (ITTP) to train the next generation of toxicologists. These...

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Prof Anne Willis featured on the British Toxicology Society's podcast

8 July 2022

The 1st episode of the British Toxicology Society's 'Flying the NEST' podcast features Unit Director Prof Anne Willis. In this episode, Anne discusses her career path so far, what she wishes she had known at the start of her career and insights in the Unit's research. Listen online now . The British Toxicology Society (BTS...

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L. Miguel Martins, one of the best postgraduate supervisor!

12 May 2022

Congratulations, Miguel came out as the second best postgraduate supervisor out of about 400 nominees on the Student-Led Teaching Award. More details about the award and other winners can be found here .

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Congratulations! Gates Trust scholarship for Roberto

22 April 2022

Roberto Campalastri, a PhD student in Ritwick Sawarkar's group, won the prestigious Gates Trust Scholarship . In his future research he will focus on the identification of novel cis-and trans- regulatory elements of human RNA Polymerase III by using artificial intelligence (AI) methods and genomic tools.

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Naomi van den Berg

Students Against Pseudoscience

13 April 2022

In a unique approach to celebrating science, Students Against Pseudoscience (CUSAP), including Naomi van den Berg from the MRC Toxicology unit, hosted a special event on tackling the scientific misinformation at the Cambridge Science Festival. More information at .

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