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IT Support

IT Support provides hardware and software configuration and an extensive and speedy repair service for Apple and Windows computers. The department also deals with network installation and management and offers general computer advice, providing support for the computer systems you need to produce the best science.


Samuel Shum Kin Wai Cheung Ibrahim Al-Mamun


Media Kitchen and Tissue Culture

Our Media Kitchen and Tissue Culture team makes sure that our researchers have all the culture media – and other solutions – that they might need for their research. They also provide a mycoplasma testing service to the Unit to ensure that cells used by our researchers are not contaminated which could lead to inaccurate results. The team keeps the Unit in clean glassware and tissue culture consumables, helping to ensure quality control and continued progress in our research.


Francesca Smith Daniela Mazzeo  


Building Support

The Unit has an in-house team who maintain and support the repair of plant, equipment and services throughout the building guaranteeing a safe and functional work environment for all our staff and students. The team are responsible for the use of gas cylinders and liquid nitrogen, fire, water and steam safety in the building, managing deliveries and access to the Unit.


Laraine Crossland Dale Roberts John St John
Christian Zwierzanski