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I am experienced in providing tailored IT solutions for academics and students in higher education. I am skilled in IT strategy formulation, HR and budget planning and management, infrastructure development, security assessment, service consultations, user support and training. I own several professional IT certificates and two post-graduate degrees.

My missions in the Unit:

  • Lead the IT team to provide sustainable technologies and methodologies to achieve the unit’s IT goals.
  • Consult users and provide tailored IT solutions by phases, making them ready when the systems are on stage.
  • Gain insights from users, peers, and vendors to develop necessary infrastructure and systems.
  • Manage the daily operation of the technical team and minimize the overall IT security risks of the unit.
  • Ensure necessary resources are provided to make the infrastructure and systems reliable, secure, and scalable, and to make our technical staff capable of managing these resources.
IT Manager

Contact Details

MRC Toxicology Unit
Gleeson Building
Tennis Court Road