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MRC Toxicology Unit


MRC Integrative Toxicology Training Partnership


Design of new safer drugs and assessment of potential toxic effects of chemicals and new materials requires the integration of cutting edge science with traditional toxicology approaches.

The Integrated Toxicology Training Partnership (ITTP) is an initiative launched by the MRC with the aim of improving and boosting capacity in the toxicological sciences by sponsoring PhD studentships. The ITTP is managed through the MRC Toxicology Unit with an expert Steering Committee and seeks to provide to relevant stakeholders in academia, industry and government the expertise in toxicology and related disciplines that is required to ensure the safe and effective development of drugs and exposure to chemicals. A summary of a Discussion Workshop held in November 2007 to inform the way ahead is available together with a review summary of the reasoning, and the current Terms of Reference.

In total, 52 four year PhD studentships have been awarded. The first tranche started in 2008 and finished in 2012. Students attend a once yearly toxicology training course and get together in Leicester as well as toxicological and laboratory training in their host institutions. A summary of these projects, supervisors and host institutions can be seen in the accompanying document.

MRC ITTP studentships are available starting October 2020. For those who attended the interactive day at the unit in Leicester in October, application forms are available to download here

The deadline for ITTP studentship applications is 14th December 2019. 

Enquiries can be made to Dr Andy Smith DSc.