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Originally from Italy, I completed my BA in Natural Sciences (Physics) and Engineering at the University of Cambridge and stayed in Cambridge for an MSci in Systems Biology. I am currently undertaking a PhD at the MRC Toxicology Unit as a Gates Cambridge Scholar.


Research interests:

Transcription of genetic information into RNA is at the heart of cellular function and is controlled by the activity of three RNA Polymerases (Pol) in human cells. While most research has so far focused on Pol II, not much is known about Pol III transcription. However, knowledge of the latter may be instrumental to combat disease, since Pol III has been shown to be commonly dysregulated in a number of pathologies, including cancer. For example, tRNA-methionine overexpression is sufficient to increase cell metabolism and proliferation. In my PhD, I aim to harness state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods and genomic tools that are yet to be brought together in transcriptional regulation to capture the biological complexity of Pol III activity. Through the study of cis- and trans- regulators of human RNA Polymerase III, it will be possible to identify novel potential therapeutic targets.

PhD student

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MRC Toxicology Unit
Gleeson Building
Tennis Court Road


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