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MRC Toxicology Unit


We are currently accepting applications for the following projects:


PhD Studentship: Environmental exposures permanently modify the developing epigenome

Supervisor:  Dr Mathew Van de Pette

Application closing date: 29th November 2019.

Project Outline:  Mammalian pregnancy represents a critical period in life, whereby lifelong changes can be caused by inappropriate development. My lab is interested in exploring the impact of environmental and pharmacological toxic insults during pregnancy on the offspring, with a particular focus on how the developing epigenome is affected. This project will explore the concept of a "window of sensitivity" during gestation, whereby the developing epigenome displays a heightened sensitivity to environmental exposures that would have altered or negligible impact later in life. The successful candidate will use in vitro and in vivo approaches to explore this concept and aims to explore whether any chances observed can be transmitted through to multiple generations. This project represents an ideal opportunity to learn a range of state-of-the-art techniques including, basic cell biology, molecular biology and bioinformatics tools to dissect the in vivo mechanisms of developmental exposure.

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All applications should be submitted via the University's online applicant portal.