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ITTP Summer School 2022 attendees

After a few years in the virtual format, the ITTP Summer School was once again held in-person at the the Unit’s new location in Cambridge from 4th- 7th July.

Each year, four studentships are awarded as part of the MRC Integrative Toxicology Training Partnership (ITTP) to train the next generation of toxicologists. These students study at organisations across the UK from Swansea, to Newcastle, to Leicester and beyond, but once a year are brought together at the ITTP Summer School. Students at all stages of their studentship join the residential course to present their own work to their peers, but also to gain additional training from a broad range of experts inside and outside of academia, as well as lectures covering the latest cutting-edge science to serve as inspiration.

This year’s topics ranged from the fundamentals of toxicology and drug metabolism to pharmacogenomics and the toxicology of microplastics.

Speakers were Shirley Price (University of Surrey), Jo Little (HSE), Mark Anderton (MSD), Dan Carr (University of Liverpool), Anne Willis (MRC Toxicology Unit), Iris Muller (Unilever), Louise Fets (MRC LMS), Dick Lewis (Regulatory Science Associates) and Stephanie Wright (Imperial College London).

Beyond the talks, students also presented posters, took part in a workshop on machine learning and its applications, a group activity answering the question ‘how will pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine benefit toxicology’, networking opportunities and dinner at Downing College.


Summer school attendee Sophie said: “I had a great week meeting new friends and colleagues and learning more about the field of toxicology!”

Student Felix said: “I'm grateful to have gotten the opportunity to experience the ITTP summer school. It's by far the most enjoyable yet revealing scientific meeting I have been to so far. The colleagues were very friendly and easy to talk to, the environment was refreshing, and the accommodation was comfortable! I have made life-long professional connections. I'd highly recommend it.”