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The MRC Integrative Toxicology Training Partnership (ITTP) is a national PhD training programme for capacity building in Toxicology and related disciplines.

The safe development of new drugs, materials, chemicals and consumer products along with the assessment of risk from environmental exposure requires the integration of cutting-edge science with traditional toxicology. The ITTP provides a training platform to enable this and aims to bring together academia, industry and government agencies to provide the required expertise.

We are delighted to announce that four studentships have been awarded for an October 2024 start as part of this ITTP programme. Congratulations to:

Supervisor Collaborator Project
Yung-Yao Lin

Queen Mary University of London



Julien Gautrot, Queen Mary

University of London; Carol De Santis, AZ; Jose Vicencio, AZ; John Gallon AZ

Unravelling mechanisms of drug-induced myocarditis using human cardiovascular-chip models integrated with immune cells
Heike Laman

University of Cambridge



Kathryn Lilley, University of Cambridge; Monica Rodrigo, AZ


Understanding how targeted protein degradation alters the cellular ubiquinome and its subcellular localisation
Vito Mennella

MRC Toxicology Unit (University of Cambridge)


Jennifer Tan, AZ; Benedicte Recolin, AZ; Kelly Evans, AZ; Catherine Betts, AZ


Unravelling and predicting toxicity of Antibody Drug Conjugates in the lung using genome-wide multi-omics and CRISPR-Cas9.
Amy Chadwick

University of Liverpool


James Dear, University of Edinburgh; John Gallon, AZ


A novel approach to predicting drug-induced liver injury using circulating free DNA.