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Flow cytometry is a great technique for the analysis of physical and chemical characteristics of all types of single cells and microparticles in suspension. Through hydrodynamic focusing one cell at a time passes through a laser beam, and thousands of cells can be quickly examined. Apart from analysing the intrinsic properties of cells, it examines fluorescence intensities expressed on the cell surface or intracellularly. It is a versatile and high throughput technique. If in doubt, please come and discuss with us if it could be suitable for your research.

The Unit’s Flow Cytometry facility has 3 FACS analysers one FACS sorter. In addition to the maintenance of the instruments, assistance with experimental design and troubleshooting, advice on sample preparation and training on the instrument operation, we offer individualized assistance on the data analysis.

It is strongly recommended that the planning of the experiment and the choice of dyes is discussed prior to ordering any antibodies/compounds to ensure they fit the instrument configurations.

New users should contact for training, and experimental set up advice.  Once users are trained, they can operate the FACS analysers by themselves, whilst the FACS sorter (BD FACS AriaII) is operated solely by the head of the facility (Dr Lucia Piñon P. Giraldez).

Interal users can find cell sorting request forms and biosafety forms on the Unit Intranet.

Facility staff