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IT Staff
IT helpdesk email:

Mr Abbi Abbioui            IT Manager                            34013

Opening hours:            Monday - Friday                      09:00 - 16:00

Please note that we do not support personal laptops, lab, or office Inkjet/laserjet printers. We have 5 communal Konica black&white/colour printers/scanner/photocopier, if you have a problem with any of these printers, report it to us and use another printer. See the Printing Resources TechNet page for more information regarding printer and printing in the department.

University Information Services (UIS) and the Unit IT Manager run daily maintenance schedules on many of their services before 9 am and after 5 pm - If you have problems accessing any of their services or/and Unit services during these times this could be the reason. You should check the UIS Services Status Monitor page before contacting them or the Unit IT Helpdesk.

Information Services has a license for some Intel Security (McAfee) anti-virus products, which are available free of charge to all students and staff of the University and Colleges. The license also allows for use on home machines. Once installed the products will automatically check for and download new anti-virus definitions daily.

Download page:

UIS Service Status Monitor

Before reporting a problem to the IT staff it is advisable to check the 'How To' reference section of the TechNet which includes a number of common problems and associated solutions. This list is updated on a weekly basis to include new issues.

If you are planning to purchase new hardware we strongly advise you to consult with us and look at the Hardware & Software Purchasing TechNet page.