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Ieuan is an academic clinician who obtained his BSc(hons) from Durham University in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. He then went to King's College London where he obtained his Masters degree in Immunology before going to Guy's, King's, and St Thomas's Medical School. He is currently an academic clinical fellow and haematology registrar at Addenbrooke's with a particular interest in plasma cell disorders and cellular therapy.
Ieuan has been awarded the Kay Kendall Leukaemia Junior Fellowship in 2021 to study for a PhD with the Chapman group.


Research interests:

Ieuan's research is focused on Multiple Myeloma - an incurable plasma cell cancer. Broadly there are two arms to his project.
1. Using machine learning to accurately predict which patients respond to specific chemotherapy agents. Thereby reducing cumulative chemotherapy toxicity.
2. Understanding the biology of SEMA4A a novel immunotherapeutic target identified by the Chapman Lab.



Key publications: 

Anderson GSF, Ballester-Beltran J, Giotopoulos, Guerrero JA, Surget S, Willamson JC, So T, Bloxham D, Aubareda A, Asby R, Walker I, Jenkinson L, Soilleuz EJ, Roy, JP, Teodosio A, Ficken C, Officer-Jones L, Nasser S, Skerget S, Keats JJ, Greaves P, Tai Y, Anderson KC, MacFarlane M, Thaventhiran JE, Huntly BJP, Lehner PJ and Chapman MA. 'Unbiased cell surface proteomics identifies SEMA4A as an effective immunotherapy target for myeloma'. Blood, 139, 16; 2471-2482. (2022)

Walker I, Khandelwal G, D'Arcy V, Wilson W, Fitzsimons E, Galas-Filipowicz D, Popat R, Ramasamy K, Streetly M, Bygrave C, Benjamin R, de Tute R, Camilleri M, Chavda S, Pang G, Jenner R, Dadaga T, Kamora S, Cavenagh J, Clifton-Hadley L, Owen R, Herrero J, Yong K and Chapman MA. OAB-018: From CARDAMON to CoMMpass: a mutational signature that predicts carfilzomib-specific outcomes in myeloma. Clinical Lymphoma, 22. (2022).


Wallker I, Coady A, Neat M, Ladon D, Benjamin R, El-Najjar I, Kazmi M, Schey S and Streetly M. Is the revised International staging system for myeloma valid in a real world population? British Journal of Haematology, 180, 3; 451-454. (2018).


PhD student

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MRC Toxicology Unit
Gleeson Building
Tennis Court Road


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