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For as long as I remember I have been interested in Natural Sciences. My childhood friends would probably describe me as the talented “mother scream inducer”, as I would always carry around my favourite small wooden bug collection box and an awesome human anatomy skeleton model.
I proceeded with my passion for science and after my BsC in Biochemistry I started my Ph.D. learning about the cellular pathways that regulate starfish outstanding ability for tissue regeneration using proteomics and mass spectrometry. In 2012, as a young Postdoctoral researcher I was “lucky” enough to get my first research grant funded. As a Fulbright postdoc researcher at the Proteome Exploration Laboratory, Caltech, USA, I expanded my mass spectrometry expertise thanks to Dr Sonja Hess mentorship.

My continued passion for mass spectrometry next led me to the Uk. At the Centre for Proteome Research, University of Liverpool I had the opportunity to work in the mass spectrometry shared research facilities where I helped several scientists with their proteomics/mass spectrometry projects. My stay at CPR with Professor Rob Beynon and Professor Claire Eyers enabled me to get a clear understanding on how to effectively run a mass spectrometry facility while at the same time maintaining a very collegial and friendly approach to all mass spectrometry analysis requests.

In 2020, I happily joined the MRC Toxicology Unit as the Proteomics Facility Manager. As the unit was relocating from Leicester to Cambridge, I was lucky to have (a lifetime opportunity) to tailor the facility -Mass4Tox- from the scratch. I will happily take on proteomics projects from my fellow colleagues and will always try to help to the best of my abilities. Currently Danaerys (Thermo Eclipse Tribrid Mass Spectrometer equipped with FAIMSPro) and Drogon (Thermo U3000 UHPLC) are extremely busy burning samples 24-7 which is a good indication of a happy and very active scientific community at the unit.

Proteomics Facility Manager

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MRC Toxicology Unit
Gleeson Building
Tennis Court Road


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+44 1223 335638