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I am a mass spectrometrist specialised in proteomics. I have joined MRC Toxicology Unit as Proteomics Technical Lead in September 2021. I hold a PhD degree in Biotechnology from Madurai Kamaraj University, India where I have worked on identification of protein signatures for host-pathogen interactions in the plasma proteome of mouse models. Apart from my PhD project, I have worked on applying proteomics to interrogate strain improvement in bacteria, characterizing tear proteome under fungal infection, and profiling cancel cell proteome modulation in response to drug treatment. Post PhD, I had worked with a mass spectrometry instrumentation industry for a couple of years before pursuing postdoctoral research. I have studied proteomics and lipidomics of cell membranes and membrane-bound endocytic vesicles during my first postdoc at National Centre for Biological Sciences, India. Switching gears, I have employed mass spectrometry and proteomics to develop targeted quantitative methods to detect milk allergens from processed food matrices for my second postdoctoral tenure at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States. I have also had a brief tenure in teaching prior to PhD.
My role here as Proteomics Technical Lead involves developing and executing mass spectrometry workflows to meet proteomics-related scientific goals of the researchers in the Unit.


Research interests:

• Qualitative and quantitative proteomics
• Mass spectrometry method development
• Exploring newer applications of mass spectrometry to aid in scientific research

Proteomics Technical Lead

Contact Details

MRC Toxicology Unit
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