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MRC Toxicology Unit


Stress signalling mechanisms following drug-induced mitochondrial injury

Dr Kenneth Pryde


My research interests can be categorised as follows;

  1. Identifying cellular stress-response-pathways induced following mitochondrial toxic insult and elucidating the contribution of these pathways to the restoration of cellular homeostasis or the activation of cell death.
  2. Determining how mitochondrial toxins modulate mitochondrial dynamics and how these changes affect cellular homeostasis.
  3. Screening medications in the clinic with known toxic side-effects for possible underlining mitochondrial toxicity and then; 1) delineating the mechanism of mitochondrial toxicity, 2) generating analogues to eradicate mitochondrial toxicity and understand the chemical basis of toxicity, 3) better understand how toxicity screening platforms can be strengthened to mitigate putative mitochondrial toxicity during drug development.