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MRC Toxicology Unit


UK/EU eligibility

Students who either are UK nationals or have established UK residency are eligible for the award of a full MRC studentship. Students from the EU are entitled to receive a fees only award. However, there are additional circumstances that can qualify an EU student for a full award.


Overseas (non-EU) eligibility

We welcome expressions of interest from prospective candidates including Overseas (non-EU) students and we will support selected candidates to apply to external funding sources. There are many funding opportunities at Cambridge from a wide variety of sources including the Cambridge Trust, Gates Cambridge, Colleges, Departments, Research Councils and central University funds. These can also supplement MRC Studentships for those ineligible for full funding.  Note that these will have differing deadlines for applications.  See also
Please note that
you must first be accepted by one of the Toxicology Unit’s PhD supervisors.