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First of all, please ensure that you do have an anti-virus and anti-malware software installed on your personal laptop, you can obtain a free one from here:

Contact us:

Please use this email address:


Login to mrctox domain:

Use your university CRSiD (first section of your email address) and make sure you choose a strong password (minimum 12 characters: use at least one capital letter, number, and a symbol)

Email list:

You are a member of Phar email list: This will send a message to all Unit staff and students. Please use this list responsibly: it is a nuisance to all users to receive unwarranted circulars.

We are using DS-Print

Printing wirelessly using your own laptop, tablet, or smartphone:

The name of the Unit DS-Printer is "Toxicology_FindMe"

Specific information on how to install the Unit printer can be found here:

Data Storage:


Please install the free Anti-virus software on your laptop:



Free Antivirus/Spyware:

Network & Internet:

The use of the network is a privilege, please use it reasonably and responsibly.

Report security incidents to Camsirt: