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The University Central Purchasing Office has a list of preferred suppliers. This includes non-IT related products.


The lots for PCs agreement have been awarded to Dell who will be supplying these to the University via their distribution partner (Use Marketplace Dell punchout). Details of the purchasing process that has been followed; the rationale behind the decisions that have been made and a copy of the tender documents for these contracts can be found here.

A selection of PCs, including laptops, can still be purchased from Dell at previously agreed deals with the University. The machines can be configured to a range of specifications. If you would like a quote please email stating your requirements (CPU, RAM, video, Hard disk capacity). Please note that machines can also be purchased for personal use.

Apple Mac

To purchase any Apple Mac hardware or software visit the Apple Store to check the specification or type of machine you are looking for.

The University is using Academia and XMA for all Apple hardware. We recommend XMA (Marketplace XMA punchout): better pricing, delivery time, and provide 4 years warranty.

XMA contact:

Jaymin Patel
Account Manager
Higher Education
Tel: 01727 201 860 ext. 8605

Dell PCs/Laptops/Monitors/Accessories

In order to access Dell's dedicated Cambridge website use the CUFS Marketplace Dell punchout.

The Unit has three pre-configured machines on Dell premier under the MRC Tox\Pharm category listed on the Marketplace punchout under the Standard Configuration:

  1. All-in-One 7780 27" touch screen: i9, 32GB RAM, 512MB SSD & 2TB SATA
  2. OptiPlex 7080 Tower and Small Form Factor: i9, 32GB RAM, 512MB SSD & 2TB SATA, AMD Radeon 2MB video (Screen sold separtely)
  3. Precision 3640 Tower: i9, 32GB RAM, 512MB SSD & 2TB SATA, Nvidia Quadro P1000, 4GB

All the above are very good specification for all users, however, it can be configured to your specific requirements.

Other product available on the Dell Marketplace punchout:

  • Dell 24 Monitor- P2419H - 60.5cm(23.8") Black.
  • Dell 27 Monitor- P2719H - 68.6cm(27") Black.
  • Dell Laptop UIS Managed Desktop - Latitude 7410

Procedure for new Hardware

New PCs should be ordered through the proper channels using the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) and National Agreements with HP or Dell. The Central Purchasing Office IT Purchasing Group has been formed to promote best practice and best value for money in the procurement and maintenance of Information Technology (IT) related products across the University.

New machines MUST be configured by Unit IT support before being connected to the MRC Tox network, this is necessary because the machine will need:

specific network configuration
to be registered with the department firewall and University Computing Services administrative database (Jackdaw)
Operating System updates
system image backups


University Computing Services is the first stop for software acquisition. They provide software on both Windows and Macintosh platform from the following companies:

You can browse and order software they provide on their online catalogue and ordering system.

If you cannot find what you require from Computing Services offer a range of software at educational prices.

Pugh Contact: Nathan Bennett Sales Account Manager

 Sales: 01974 200201


Suppliers list:

The updated list of recommendations is as follows:

use Insight (“part of the SUPC consortium, a reasonable website to find things and free shipping”)
use Softcat (“very good on prices and delivery”) (ex-Misco sales rep Josh has contacted a couple of us)
XMA (for Apple, printers, and HP toners, will also sell direct to staff at uni prices)
Onecall/Farnell/CPC (very cheap for extension leads, but also sometimes surprisingly cheap for cables, AV bits and pieces, etc. and have a good searchable website)
Viking Direct who have a very good range of the things we buy, keen prices (and are good at price-matching) and are very attentive at all stages of the process.
Comms Express
Thomas Stoner Supplies LTD
Simply I.T (GB) Ltd
Plan-IT Office Solutions Limited