What we can offer

Our Outreach programme offers a range of activities for schools and colleges for students of all ages (most are aimed at 10-16 year olds but can be customised accordingly).  Most activities last around 1 hour 30 mins.  These include:


Lab in a Box

A range of activities where staff from the MRC Toxicology Unit come to your school and deliver a specific experiment from basic principles to gathering data and making conclusions from the collected data. All materials, chemicals and equipment are supplied by the MRC for these experiments.


Examples of Lab in a Box:

•  Measurement of paracetamol metabolism
•  Measurement of rates of drug acetylation that is variable and genetically determined between individuals
•  Testing the effects of nicotine on worms – hands on experiment
•  Interactive heart rate testing and analysis
•  Interactive PH testing (suitable for younger audiences only)

We can customise any activity to fit your requirements and age range, please contact Tara Stevenson (details at the bottom of the page) to discuss your ideas.


Lectures and talks

Staff from the MRC Toxicology Unit can visit and provide a talk for a variety of age ranges.  Previous talks have included:

•  Dispelling the vampire myth – A talk about genetic disorders and what can affect them
•  DNA – An introduction to the subject of DNA and why it is important
•  The brain – A general overview of the anatomy of the brain and an introduction to researching neuroscience
•  Meet the experts – Career talks and question & answer sessions with real scientists
•  Cardiovascular talk about the heart followed by a practical session

We can customise a lecture or talk to fit your requirements.  If there is anything you would like to suggest as a topic, please contact Tara Stevenson (details at the bottom of the page).


School Outreach Days

We visit many schools in the Leicestershire and surrounding and often receive repeat bookings.

A successful longstanding partnership with Brooke Priory Primary School in Oakham has led to a class of Year 6 students spending a day in our laboratories learning all about DNA. The students are able to extract DNA from bacteria and then run their samples on agarose gels to visualise the DNA.  The students also attend 2 lectures. “DNA” was presented by Professor Anne Willis and introduces the subject of DNA before the first part of the experiment and “Dispelling the Vampire Myth” examines genetic disorders and was presented by Professor Andy Smith.


For further details of all of our public engagement, please contact:

Tara Stevenson
Email: ts252@le.ac.uk Telephone: 0116 252 5544

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